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Lilac City Dog Training Club is a dog training and obedience organization based in Spokane, Washington.  The club is located at 1612 East Houston Ave, Spokane, WA  99217. We provide popular dog training and obedience dogs rotating classes ranging from Puppy Kindergarten through Advanced Obedience, Young Dog Obedience and Small Dog Obedience, Introduction to Agility, Rally, and Conformation.  Many of our classes help people prepare to show their dogs in AKC and UKC shows and trials.

Our experienced instructors focus their time and expertise to help you train your dog. Our methods are praise positive, dog-friendly, fun and effective. Lilac City Dog Training Club is a UKC-affiliated, non-profit, volunteer dog training and obedience club.

Lilac City Dog Training Club members include AKC judges, and experienced handles that actively compete in dog sports.  Our members have earned advanced titles on their dogs in obedience (Obedience Trial Champion), agility (Masters Agility Champion), rally (Rally Advanced Excellent), tracking (Tracking Dog), earthdog (Master Earthdog) and conformation (Grand Champion and International Champion).  Our members have a broad base of skills to help your dog become all it can be from a better family member to a titled star. 

"We train you to train your dog."


A well trained dog is welcomed almost everywhere!  There are still openings in some of our Beginning classes,Young Dog, Small Dog and Puppy.  Call Sheila (509) 218-5962 (between 10 am and 7 pm) to reserve a place.  Spring classes start the week of March 23rd.  You will be asked to provide your dog's shot records in order to take a class

If you have any questions please call Sheila at (509) 218-5962 between 10 am and 7 pm. 

Sorry, no credit cards;  LCDTC can only accept checks or cash.  It is a sweet deal at $50 for 8 weeks.  Your dog deserves a good education.  Cool dogs go to school!


For more information on the  Spring Class Schedule, plus details about our classes, visit our schedule page.  Note:  For insurance reasons and the safety of your child, our students and their dogs no children under 12 years are allowed in class.  Two adults should accompany children under 10 years of age - one to train the dog and one to supervise the child.  There is absolutely NO running around by children allowed in the training building as this is unsafe and can elevate the stress levels in the dogs.

Are you having trouble finding that prefect gift for someone with a dog?  How about a gift certificate for a fun class at Lilac City Dog Training Club.  Please call Kathy at (509) 362-4668 for more information.

specialeventLilac City Dog Training Club holds four United Kennel Club obedience and rally trials a year (two in June and two in November).  The Club offers great prizes, food and raffle!  But my dog is trained for AKC trials.  What are the differences between UKC and AKC obedience trials?  For the answers click here!

 Note:  There are UKC obedience rule changes that took effect January 1, 2013.  Click here for a link to the rule book.

UKC Rally is offered at LCDTC's UKC Trials!  For more information on UKC Rally. Click Here

Thanks to everyone that organized, entered, worked and donated to the UKC Trials.  Please mark your calendar for LCDTC's UKC Trials on June 6th and 7th, 2015.  Click here for the June UKC Flyer.  The Premium is available by clicking here!

Click here for the UKC Entry Form (January 2015 Version).

To compete at these trials dogs must be registered with the United Kennel Club.

Part of UKC's mission is to have events where all dogs can compete. In addition to their purebred dog registry, United Kennel Club offers a Limited Privilege program. The Limited Privilege is open to all dogs that are spayed/neutered. This includes mixed breed dogs, and purebred dogs of unknown pedigree.  Click on the below link and look for Limited Privilege Application.

Click here to link to UKC Registration Information on forms and fees.  Note: dogs with a Limited AKC Registration will need to send in three pictures with the UKC Registration form.  See form instructions for detailed information about pictures.

Click here to get UKC Dog Event Rules.

Did you know...?

Lilac City Dog Training Club was established in 1975.  Wow, that's a lot in dog years!

Did you know...?

Rally is now an official event right up there with Agility and Obedience. If you haven't already, you'll want to get signed up for one of our spring Rally classes so you and your dog are ready. New to Rally? Have a look at our Intro to Rally page to learn more. Class schedule Information for Rally and our other spring dog training classes is available here.

Did you know...?

Lilac City Dog Training Club offers free phone consultations to help with any unwanted dog behavior? Feel free to call the club for advice, tips, and other help. Our number is (509) 487-9542.


What's Up for Pups!

Novice Nosework Fun Match scheduled for Sunday, March 29th.  Click her for entry form.

Click Here for the June UKC Trial Flyer!     Click here for the June UKC Trial Premium.     And here for the UKC Entry Form.

UKC Rally Workshop on Saturday, May 9th at 10 am. Click here for more info.

Congrats to the new Canine Good Citizens!  Click here to see who passed this March 2015.

LCDTC Fun Matches Practice matches are available for club members and current students. 


Rally Practice schedule open to all club members and students of LCDTC:

Saturday, March 28

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) is now an AKC Title.  CGC Tests are offered by and at LCDTC.  Please check with your instructor regarding how to sign up for the next CGC Test.


Club Meetings are the 1st Thursday of the month at 7 pm (no meetings are held during July and August).

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole." Roger Caras